What makes Mr-Backup different from all the rest?

What is a private cloud backup service?

  • Our system is not open to the public. We connect our client’s computers to our system backing-up their data off-site.
  • Mr-Backup technicians install and maintain the system, not you or your secretary. While the backups are 100% automated, we have live technicians manually confirm that your backup is taking place as programmed. Is it fair to put the responsibility such a mission critical function on the shoulders of your secretary?


We go beyond other services, like Carbonite**, that use a SSL* connection. We use a VPN* connection with pre-shared keys.

We create a unique key pair and install it on your computer and our server, so there is no question your data is going to the right place. This protects against an impersonator or man-in-the-middle attack.

We place your data into a 256 bit encrypted container file (unlike Carbonite’s 128 bit encryption) for transport though the VPN tunnel and storage on our secure servers.

Set it & Forget it

is NOT what you want to do with a backup system. Mr-Backup is 100% automated but with an IT professional that regularly checks that your backup is taking place as scheduled.

If a problem arises, we contact you to identify and correct the issue.

You get email reports after each backup to keep you in the loop.

Superior Protection

Computer infections (ransomware) that encrypt your data, then expect that you pay them for the key to un-encrypt your data, is the new reality.

Backup services that continuously sync your data, like Carbonite, and local storage devices like USB drives are highly vulnerable to this type of attack.

The Mr-Backup VPN disconnects as soon as each backup job completes and we hold two weeks (4 versions) of your data on our servers so you are protected from ransomware extortion, as well as the usual threats like computer or server hardware failure and office fire/theft.

Your intentions are good but…

  • Sometimes life and work gets in the way of things we know must get done. Backups must be monitored in case something changes on your computer that prevents the backup from taking place. Murphy’s Law: you “know” that disaster will strike when you haven’t done your backup in a while.
  • Even if you diligently monitor that your backups are taking place regularly, lack of IT experience may result in something critical being over-looked, thus resulting in no valid backup when you actually need it.
  • Given the importance of your data to your business, why not make us your partner in the backup process.

  • * SSL is great for web browsers for on-the-fly, consumer friendly secure connections for online banking, etc. The encryption keys are created and exchanged at the time the connection is opened.
  • * A VPN with pre-shared keys requires installation by a Mr-Backup IT professional. This is only done once when we first install the software that runs the backup system.
  • A cloud based backup system with frequent connections between the same two machines does not need consumer friendly encryption which benefits only the backup provider. We don’t cut corners trying to save labor when it comes to securing your confidential office data.
  • The VPN is better suited than SSL for backup of sensitive data on the cloud.
  • ** Click here for Carbonite’s security page